Hmmm appears extremely familiar also. Artifacts that vary a bell. Would like to see an image of the man seems the same personally as me he one I’ve friended

Hmmm appears extremely familiar also. Artifacts that vary a bell. Would like to see an image of the man seems the same personally as me he one I’ve friended

I’d like to eliminate my remark please. How do you do that?

You might deliver an email about your demand to

Hmmm seems extremely also. Artifacts that are familiar vary a bell. Would like to see a photo of the man appears similar to me he one I’ve friended

Well do yourself a favor and delete him I’ve been conversing with him for a couple of months before he asked for the money he’s very convincing.
He stated his card was cloned at the atm plus they had cleaned him away.

Anybody heard regarding the title Micheal Shaw.

I became online with this particular girl for longer than a year i never ever would belive it had been a scam but i keep state ing its a fraud and she would get upset and doubting it it supose to be some gold pubs involved just learn in end it was a great scam im pity to share with anybody i just desire to post her photo so she dont scam someone else

We have a large amount of all about my scammer my heart is unfortunate for many you women. We revealed my sis after 2-3 weeks I do not even comprehend how to begin away reporting this as it’s a cycle that is sick of numerous names they normally use as and alter. My scammer stated every thing most of yours did engineer that is being in Jesus can come find me personally i discovered this web site today do God provided me with an indicator to locate this. We utilized my minds suitable for once

Do a picture is had by you? This person told me he’s a armed forces engineer implemented to western Africa

Im interested in the images. I’ve been speaking with somebody that has been in Tx then again got deployed to Mali, Africa. First it absolutely was an explosion he ended up being harmed bad then each of unexpected meals had been poisoned plus it had been gone take take some time for the army to have them meals. He required cash for meals. He quickly stated he fell everyone loves and really wants to marry me personally. I’m sure this is certainly insane

Speaking with some body called Daniel Austin Tx. Deployed to Africa in phone stolen then could not eat the foods made him sick then tried needs $ so we can chat army wont supply wi fi anymore april. Yet he calls me personally once weekly at the very least on a protected line. Does not require material but tips at it. Idk. Things to see pictures of those guys. This go can be so Intelligent that is sweet charming. Too advisable that you be real

Seems like the man I happened to be speaking to. Any photos?

Can you let me know her title it

That which was her title by possibility exactly exactly how much silver pubs ended up being she speaing frankly about and exactly how did she obtain it

Hi i’m speaking and dropped for a lady in Accra Ghana her title is ethal for ten years before going back to Ghana To finish her nursing at school then she asked for money for her exam witch ankomah I feel a like a fool started talking and quickly saying that she had fallen in love with me and that she didn’t think she would find love again after being hit by her ex she told me she was a trainee nurse I’m from the uk and she told me she had lived her.

We sent then just a little later it was for meals then her hire now throughout the last 3 months she wanted to come. Live beside me but required cash for the medical and and plane admission witch I stupidly delivered and I also would not hear such a thing all day she said her bags where taken with a taxi motorist while she got from the taxi to buy treats when it comes to flight we stupidly thought her then the very next time she ended up being apparently stopped for a layover trip to carry silver without any documents so they really held her in cells once I shared with her I didn’t have the ?500 her attorney need certainly to release the documents.

I possibly could perhaps not realize why and so I asked her a lot of concerns about any of it she got mad about any of it and she blocked me personally for just about every day then she returned saying she nevertheless really loves me personally and they had sent her back along with her mother have been using to medical center and she required cash for medication and therefore the medical center wouldn’t normally offer her it until she had compensated them also got some to phone me personally claiming become a physician We have nevertheless be a trick and delivered her cash and from now on this week we delivered her half my wage for the month ?850 on her journey if you ask me once more and after hours once again had been told she require ?1000 in travel cash before leaving the united states I her picture are her i acquired her on a video clip chat for several of one minute we feel this kind of trick I launched my heart to her and also have been mentally manipulated

By her vow of love where did you place her photo up about it all thanks for listening because I have quite a few of mine I still do t well I do t what to believe it’s a scam but in my heart I think I have always known something was not right

I am contacted by way of a couple “different ” women on Facebook one profile stated she ended up being from Oregon we had been speaking for approximately every single day or more then once I asked her where in Oregon she had been out of the blue she was at Accra Ghana care that is taking of unwell mom. We thought it strange right from the start whenever she desired to head to Hangouts on Bing to talk along with her txt had been bad English. Within a few days she stated exactly how she misses me and just how can you miss some body you have never ever been with. This has occurred like three times I perform along simply to see just what they truly are as much as and just how money that is much’re hoping to get the very last one stated she was at Louisville KY but she possessed a Denver Colorado telephone number. They like saying dear a lot. Every one asked for $200 instead they necessary to get meals or it had been onenightfriend app their birthday celebration i am hip them. The only in Ghana her name had been Sam Francisca lived down Kanda highway. I might continue to have pictures we have actually photos of this one in KY her name ended up being Clara western.

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