Muslim trips establishing cruise towards a $1.6 bln business opportunity

Muslim trips establishing cruise towards a $1.6 bln business opportunity

through Haroon Latif, Movie Director of Strategic Experience, DinarStandard

Picture: Alfonso de Tomas / Shutterstock

22 million passengers invested an estimated $37 billion on cruise trips all over the world in 2014. With Muslims shelling out around $1.6 billion associated with the overall, precisely what opportunities will there be for operators to develop vacation cruises targeting Muslim individuals?

You are a sail operator aiming to develop a Muslim-dedicated vacation cruise concert tour. Exactly how attractive might be opportunities?

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How appealing could be the market for Muslim-dedicated trips?

Exactly how appealing will be the international travel markets?

Exactly how attractive will be the Muslim traveler market for vacation cruises and that previously handling this prospects?

Preciselywhat are some biggest thoughts for employees looking to manage the Muslim market?

There was 22 million luxury cruise individuals in 2014, 3.4 percentage above the prior spring, approximated cruise companies Foreign group (CLIA). The calculated value of this international tour industry ended up being $37 billion in 2014, in accordance with a survey by marketing research fast Mintel. This signifies just under 10 % associated with the overall international outbound expend on vacation, that has been thought at $1.3 trillion in 2014, in accordance with business financial institution reports.

A CLIA analysis discovered that vacation cruises have got mainly already been a North american event, with 11.2 million people, or 51 percentage of absolute international passengers, from the U.S.

Ten nations accounted for 88 per cent of overall worldwide cruise passengers, with Germany together with the english creating 15 %, and Aussie-land, Italy and Ontario in combination adding up to 12 %.

As the industry outside The States and Europe houses virtually 85 percentage of this worlda€™s population, they simply presents 16 % of all of the vacation cruise passengers, reported the CLIA. There is hence substantial increases opportunity for holiday cruises, specifically from growing Economies.

Caribbean: accounting for 37 percentage of transport deployments

The Mediterranean: 19 per cent of deployments

With the remainder of Europe, excluding the Mediterranean: 11 percent of deployments

The market really concentrated with Carnival the very clear market place person, exceeding the coupled profits of their two most nearby competitiveness, Caribbean vacation cruises and Norwegian tour series.

Resource: Florida-Caribbean Business Organization

Resource: Idea Analytics, 2015


Trips is progressively providing to certain religious beliefs, with committed journeys for Christian and Jewish towns. Top-quality Christian holiday cruises and determination Cruises are prominent faith-based providers, reported on reports from Religious preparation Travel guidelines in 2015, and usually enable the requirements of tourist through arranging spiritual speakers and promoting tours of spiritual internet.

For all the Muslim industry, trips and tourism firms are generally all over the world attempting to tackle special life requires of Muslims, exactly who invested around $142 billion on outbound vacation in 2014. This is the reason 11 percentage of total outgoing tourism invest, based on the county of worldwide Islamic financial state review 2015/16.

Muslim expend on vacation cruises in 2014 are thought by DinarStandard at $1.6 billion. This assumes that top 10 resource marketplaces outlined by your CLIA analysis makes up about 88 per cent of incomes and passenger amount.

The Muslim show of total outgoing vacation spend for the most effective region highlighted through the CLIA study averaged 2 % in 2014, while Muslims accounted for twenty percent of devote to medium inside left countries, as indicated by DinarStandard test and offers.


To allow for the high-potential and profitable Muslim traveler phase, Muslim-focused cruise agencies are starting to appear.

U.S.-based Salaam vacation cruise established this season and states function as a€?first ever Muslim cruisea€?. It included the corporate leasing a ship from a cruise manager.

The most important sail ready sail in 2012 with 150 people, joined up with by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, dean of academic considerations in the U.S.-based Al-Maghreb Institute a succeeding vacation implemented in 2013, as reported by the Islamic reports internet site MuslimMatters.

The vacation cruises included a three-day long trip to the Bahamas and presented a Muslim-friendly planet, with no liquor or casino, and supported only halal food.

Blend Tours merely established Turkeya€™s first of all halal vacation, and that’s thanks to disembark from your western Izmir province on September 27, 2016.

The visit offers to deal with the total extent of Muslim wants, like halal as well as properties totally free of beer and chicken, individual prayer spaces, and single-sex health spa establishments and Turkish bathing.

The vacation will concentrate on the footstool culture in the region. Gokmen Aydinalp, mix Toura€™s challenge management, shown about the curiosity about the concert tour would be highest despite merely recently getting established while there is a giant need for the style, they taught Turkish information website Andalou department just last year.


A lot of main-stream travel workers posses looked to support Muslim wants.

Disney, a key professionals into the international vacation cruise industry, which created approximately $1 billion in sales in 2014 reported on analysts shows, holds halal dinners dependent upon boost feel.

The star Libra luxurious send started offering halal dinners to address desire from Malaysian Muslims in 2013. It refurbished certainly one of its bars to fulfil the halal requirements from Malaysiaa€™s office of Islamic progress (JAKIM), and set about giving different halal meal selection.

Cynthia Lee, Deputy President of Star sail product sales department, showed your vendor am excited to draw in Muslim holiday-makers from Malaysia, with wants to also attract Muslims from other countries, particularly from your Middle East, she instructed Aquila design in a job interview in 2013.


While Muslim-focused cruise trips just might be attractive, absolutely minimal data currently for the viability of cruises focusing particularly on Muslims, with range to fit non-Muslims.

Cruise trips entail highest solved price and money investments, and require to ensure that high occupancy, in addition to large invest per traveler to stay rewarding.

In a testing of Carnivala€™s profits in 2014, attempted by Market person and good teama€™s annual economic outcomes, the company produced 7 per cent in total profits; 24 percent of gross happened to be resulting from onboard spend, with casino and alcohol money a element. Just what this indicates usually eliminating alcoholic and gaming profits could jeopardize success.

The profits of Muslim-friendly inns and destinations must always a huge extent already been verified, making use of distinguished success of important members, for example Shaza resorts, that was capable of entice financial to fund expansion. The skills of Muslim-friendly cruises in order to make income will be as so far unverified.

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