William d. ford national direct loan application. Distance l . a . College happens to be a larger training company located in L. A. state, CA.

William d. ford national direct loan application. Distance l . a . College happens to be a larger training company located in L. A. state, CA.

In 2016, typically the most popular Bachelor’s Degree density at East la college or university comprise .

In 2019, 6,924 grade comprise awarded across all undergraduate and graduate software at eastern California College. 58.2% of these grade happened to be honored to ladies, and 41.8% granted people. The most common race/ethnicity group of amount users had been hispanic or latino (4,800 levels), 6.25 circumstances much more than next the payday loans no credit check Douglasville GA upcoming best race/ethnicity party, japanese (768 grade).

The average undergraduate college tuition at East Los Angeles College try $1,196, that is definitely $-6,628 around the national regular for Associates universities ($7,824).


The median undergrad fees at distance L. A. institution is actually $1,196, which is certainly $-6,628 significantly less than the nationwide ordinary for acquaintances educational institutions ($7,824).

After having awards and funding into consideration, the common internet value for students try $11,015.

In 2019, 45percent of undergraduate college students obtained national grants, while null% of undergraduate college students got national financial products.

College Student Cost

Training Expenditure

In 2019, the money necessary for fees at East Los Angeles school got $1,196. The sourcing cost of college tuition at eastern l . a . school was $-6,628 around in comparison to total (open public and private) national typical for contacts universities ($7,824).

This data examines the fees overhead of eastern California institution (in red) with the ones from additional the same universities.

Regular Total Costs

In 2019 East Los Angeles College had an average total terms — the cost settled after factoring in awards and funding — of $11,015. Between 2018 and 2019, the typical total price of East Los Angeles college or university developed by 6.24%.

This graph compares the typical net cost of distance Los Angeles College (in yellow) with this of more the same schools.

Average net price is measured from regular start undergrad children who were grant an aid or grant from national, say or local governing bodies, and also the institution.

Some Other Pupil Expenditures

An average annual worth of place and board at East Los Angeles university ended up being of $13,779 in 2019. Inside the exact same cycle, a standard yearly worth of guides and gear was actually $1,917. The sourcing cost of room and table increased by 3.66percent between 2018 and 2019. The cost of e-books and items improved by 3.4per cent while in the very same time.

This data analyzes the typical scholar will cost you at East California College (in red) get back of similar schools.

College Funds

Money for college by Revenues Amount

45% of undergraduate kids at distance California school gotten grants or loans in 2019. This symbolizes a decline of 8.16% pertaining to 2018, when 49per cent of undergrad students got scholarships or grants.

This information compares the average prize promotion at East L. A. college or university (in red-colored) by doing so of some other comparable universities.

An average prize price cut certainly is the proportion from the normal allow or fund value, plus the price, the amount of out-of-state university fees, area, table, guide, offers, or expenses.

Student Loan Default Fee

In 2017 the default rate for borrower’s at eastern la institution had been 5.78per cent, which presents 16 away from the 277 overall debtors.

A cohort nonpayment rate is the portion of a college’s consumers which get in compensation on particular Federal children knowledge Loan (FFEL) plan or William D. Ford Federal lead financing (Direct mortgage) plan financial loans during a certain federal financial yr (FY), Oct 1 to Sep 30, and nonpayment or encounter some other specified problems prior to the end of the second sticking with financial 12 months.


Eastern L. A. university possess earnings enrollment of 36,885 students. The regular registration at East Los Angeles College are 6,813 youngsters while the part-time enrollment are 30,072. Therefore 18.5per cent of students enrolled at distance L. A. school tends to be enrolled full time.

The enrolled pupil population at distance L. A. college or university, both undergrad and graduate, happens to be 67percent Hispanic or Latino, 7.51percent Japanese, 6.23percent White, 4.79% charcoal or African American, 0.521% Two or More Races, 0.182percent American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.155per cent local Hawaiian as well as other Pacific Islanders.

Kids enrolled at eastern l . a . College in regular undergrad programming are most frequently Hispanic or Latino feminine (42.3%), with Hispanic or Latino men (33.4per cent) and Japanese feminine (5.65%). People signed up for fulltime grad programming are most frequently N/A, followed by N/A and N/A.

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