The Best Ticket Resale Sites

The Best Ticket Resale Sites

best ticket resale sites

A variety of websites for ticket resales exist however, how do you choose the best one? Many of the best-known websites have been reviewed, for instance, StubHub and Razorgator. Which one do you think is the best? Read on to find out! This article will discuss the top ticket resale websites to cover every kind of event along with their benefits and disadvantages. You can also use these sites to find tickets that you can’t find elsewhere.


The StubHub platform which allows ticket brokers to list seats for big occasions on their site. It allows customers to choose from general admission or select seating. Additionally, it gives buyers an opportunity to indicate the venue and other aspects of tickets. An individual code is provided by the seller that gives access to private message boards. The code allows both buyer and seller to communicate between themselves without having to be in direct contact.

StubHub is one of the largest and most reliable resale website for tickets. It’s user-friendly interface is easy to use , secure and user-friendly. Sellers are also able to set their own prices, and without having to communicate with customers. Customers can also request delivery, but fees are subject to change based on where your tickets come from. The parent company of StubHub, eBay, is a major online auction house, as well as general marketplace for e-commerce. Although eBay and StubHub aren’t the same, they both specialize in reselling tickets.

While StubHub is the most popular seller of tickets However, it’s not the optimal alternative for events that are small in size. StubHub’s buyer-seller structure makes it impractical for those looking to sell a lot of tickets to a smaller public. StubHub is difficult for buyers to reach the purchaser, which makes it impractical for transactions of a large scale. StubHub could be an excellent event platform, however it’s not the sole ticket resale service. Look into other options when you require selling tickets to an extensive audience.

StubHub is well-known for its pricey tickets However, that doesn’t suggest it’s the most effective choice. StubHub is only one of the 9 options. These alternatives offer better customer service, less expensive tickets and methods to validate the sales of a ticket. It is possible that StubHub’s rates are a bit higher than those of other websites for ticket resales but that’s to be expected.

StubHub is another excellent choice if you’re planning to market tickets online. StubHub lets you browse over 10 million events around the world. StubHub allows you to sell tickets simply by opening one account, and then setting the price to be fixed or decreasing. You can also list your tickets on the web site at no cost. These best online ticket selling sites websites can be trusted as to be authentic


There are several online resales sites, however TicketNetwork is the best. Their top-rated customer service staff will assist you with all questions that you might be having. If you aren’t completely happy with your purchase of tickets, there is 100% refund assurance. It’s also extremely secure and PCI-compliant. If you are unsure, visit the Terms & Policies section on the TicketNetwork website.

TicketNetwork, a similar marketplace like eBay that sells event tickets and tickets, is known as TicketNetwork. The buyers of tickets are able to buy them from organizers or event promoters that list their tickets on the site. In return for selling their tickets, the buyers will pay delivery, payment and transaction fees. A few sites may also require buyers to pay a delivery charge dependent on the location in which they reside as well as the amount of days before the event. TicketNetwork offers tickets via their Point of Sale software, that allows sellers to post and manage their tickets via their website.

You can sell tickets via TicketNetwork or through an application. It works with mobile phones and desktop platforms. Its user-friendly interface is simple to navigate. In addition, it allows you to buy tickets and sell them at the in the same time. It is only possible to sell tickets inside the United States. Go to our FAQ page for more details.

TicketNetwork is among the most popular online websites for purchasing tickets is TicketNetwork. Its cost is less than 20% of the ticket value. The service fee is low and the return policy lasts for three days after the purchase. The only option is to buy regular tickets , not VIP tickets. TicketNetwork cannot be utilized for VIP tickets. Along with selling tickets for normal events, the TicketNetwork website offers various live events.

VividSeats is another well-known website for reselling tickets. The site offers users benefits such as free eighth tickets as well as a five percent off their second purchase. If you know what you’re after VividSeats could be worth looking into. Keep in mind, however that the prices that VividSeats charges are more cost-effective than typical. However, it’s worth the additional few dollars for the advantages that it provides.


Razorgator offers tickets for various events such as concerts and sports events. It’s user interface is easy to use selling and sellers pay 10 percent of the price. However, there are some restrictions to the site however. The site isn’t well-known, has a poor image and does not offer private listing. Additionally, it does not have a Return or Refund policy.

Razorgator was founded in 2001. Razorgator launched in the year 2001, Razorgator is an internet-based ticket-resale website which sells tickets to a range of sporting productions, and events. It is possible to purchase tickets for various performances and shows as well as holiday packages. Razorgator provides an application that allows you to buy tickets via mobile apps. Ticket buyers can also check out the site’s reviews before purchasing tickets.

As a reseller, you should be able to fulfill the needs of the buyer and seller. It’s not an easy feat. It is important to select the most appropriate ticket resale website for your requirements. There are several websites that offer tickets. Razorgator is a good option if you want a secure marketplacewith no fees and also a cost-effective per ticket. Its customer service is excellent however it might not be offered in every nation.

Razorgator is a top provider of customer support and owns its own customer support department. They promise to mail your tickets in advance of the event , and are of equal or even better than the tickets you bought. If you’re not satisfied with the service provided by your tickets, you’ll be able to return them for a full refund. An unconditional money back warranty is another benefit. An experienced team of agents will be available to help with all questions regarding Razorgator.

Live Nation

Live Nation is a live music organization that has been recognized for its support of illegal ticket sales. The secret recordings of the executive’s meeting expose a scheme to bypass conventional ticket sales, and instead direct tickets to resale sites. Live Nation’s plan would allow other parties to buy tickets at a premium and then sell them on a profit. Live Nation has a long history of protecting scalpers from legal actions.

Live Nation has tried to hinder the market for ticket resales from growing, but it is still growing. In one case, Metallica’s tickets to concerts were sold out to scalpers who charge outrageous costs on their products. All profits made from ticket brokers would be returned to performers. For Metallica the concert promoter will take 40 percent of its profits, and also give DiCioccio and Millette with 12% and 8 percent each.

Selling tickets through ticket resale websites There are a variety of prices. There are sites that charge as low as 2.2% of the price, while others can charge as much as 10% of the cost. Live Nation says that scalping is becoming less prevalent because new ticket sales will increase the value for performers. The resale marketplace remains highly profitable. Scalping is not likely to disappear, but the new ways of selling tickets will facilitate artists.

Tickets can be purchased through the broker in addition to websites that sell tickets online. It is worth considering using a broker if you aren’t given the opportunity to access brokers for ticket sales. Though ticket brokers are great, they cannot give you an accurate price. You should hold off until your tickets are popular prior to posting them. Certain platforms punish sellers who post tickets on several platforms.

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